Born in Wilmington DE on a Feb 23rd 1989
A young musician , ReLLaMaR With the Birth Name Rell Calhoun
was blessed to touch the earth .
Most Considered Him a “nerd”and different , because he played video games and listened to video game and film scores until the age of 10 years old where he joined the school band.
Rell Stayed apart of the Martin Luther King Elementary Band until he reached middle school and then quit at age 12.
After Middle school and Becoming a Sophomore in William Penn High School , RellThen decided to learn the art of Music Production .
By the age of 18 Rell Began to use Fruity Loops Studio 5 and Ever Since then He Has been Creating Productions and Learning more About Engineering .With Several Different Types of Styles incorporated together ReLLaMaRBeats uses a mix between hard hitting trap sounds golden era hip hop and electronica in his productions . With his lyrics he brings a southern backpacker essence with influences of a gritty lyricists to the microphone with his great delivery and almost perfect vocabulary choices. ReLLaMaR Promises to always Entertain whether through his Production or through his songwriting ability . 

Producer / Rap Artist / Photographer / Cinematographer

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